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Why Your Job Search Isn’t Working — And How To Fix It

A email from Liz asking me – I’m Job hunting, but it’s not going well. I’ve been sending out resumes for months. I’ve filled out 42 online job applications and I’ve only had two interviews. What am I doing wrong?

My answer to Her: Blasting out resumes and filling out job applications are the two worst ways to get a job. The best ways to get a new job are to use your network, to consult during your job hunt (and even after you get a job) and to reach out to hiring managers directly.

I reviewed resume.

Your brand is not as strong right now as it could be — or as strong as it needs to be. I can’t tell exactly what you do. Maybe you are trying to keep your options open, but if a hiring manager or recruiter can’t tell from your resume profile what you’re especially good at, then you won’t look like someone who can relieve whatever pain an organization is feeling.

To brand yourself, you have to commit to a certain family of jobs you are especially well-suited for. Right now, your brand is mushy. “Multi-talented Business Professional” is one of the worst possible branding choices, because nobody has the kind of pain that a “Multi-talented Business Professional” specializes in solving.

Think about what you do especially well and what you love to do. Then, compare those strengths to the job market by reading job ads to see what employers are looking for. When you’re ready, rewrite your resume to focus on a specific career path. That’s where you will begin your job search.

You can read job ads, but don’t reply to job ads you see by filling out an online job application. It is incredibly hard to get noticed in one of those Applicant Tracking Systems. They are made to screen job candidates out — not to screen them in! You’ll have better luck touching base with everyone you know, and letting them know exactly what kinds of jobs you’re looking for.

Begin constructing a Target Employer List for your job search. Use a spreadsheet to note each company’s name, location and website URL. Then, use Google and each organization’s own website to locate your hiring manager in each firm. Your hiring manager is the person who will be your boss if you end up working there.

You’re going to send a very specific letter to each hiring manager on your list. Learn more about that here!

Mother Nature teaches us the lessons we need to learn. You’ve been spinning your wheels in your job search, but those days are over! You are going to step out of the traditional job search box and take matters into your own hands. Watch how the energy changes when you do!

What to do if you’ve been Laid Off?

What to do if you’ve been Laid off.

Many people are navigating layoffs and furloughs as businesses close their doors or cut services due to the pandemic. While people who are laid off may feel the urge to immediately apply to new positions, Biron Clark suggests in the most recent #GetHired that job seekers take a couple of days to strategize. The founder of Career Sidekick says it’s also important to investigate unemployment benefits, activate your professional network and ask for letters of recommendation. Job seekers may also want to use this time to think about their careers and where they want to be in a few years.
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Six Reasons Why You Must Keep Your Resume Up-To-Date

Should you take the time to keep your resume and LinkedIn profile updated? If you don’t, you’re taking a reactive approach to life. If you do, you’ll be proactively ready to set goals, become an expert and to pursue side consulting gigs and full-time opportunities.
Below are some of the main reasons to keep your personal marketing documents updated:
1. You’ll understand where you’re at — and how far you’ve come.
Have you ever gone to a mall or amusement park and seen a large map with a red “You are here” dot that outlines where you are in relation to the rest of the area? A resume is kind of like that: It shows where you are concerning your surroundings and digs a stake into the ground for the present.

Having a stellar resume and LinkedIn profile will help you to maintain confidence. They can remind you of your brand (your strengths and competitive differentiators), your skills and your achievements. You can track your career progress and see how far you’ve come, which can be encouraging.

2. You’ll understand where you want to go.
Beyond having a clear sense of where you are now, an updated resume can help you determine your strategic plan, outlining where you want to head next and how to get there.

3. You’ll be able to sell yourself.
Are you an expert, or would you like to become known as one? If so, there’s a good chance you’ll be speaking at conferences, writing articles and supplying quotes for the media. You’ll also potentially be nominated for awards as you build your brand as an expert.
When you pitch yourself to be able to do these things — and win awards — you’ll need an updated, branded resume and LinkedIn profile to help you sell yourself. You need to showcase the amazing person you are so that you’re selected for these opportunities.

4. You’ll be ready to pick up side gigs.
Are you looking to make a few extra bucks? Do you want to be prepared if a consulting gig or side work comes your way? Side work can present itself out of the blue or it might be something you actively seek out. You’ll need to provide the employer with a resume that showcases your skill set.
5. You’ll be ready for new opportunities.

Sometimes when you least expect it, a new opportunity is on the horizon. Internally, a promotion might become available for your dream job if the person currently performing the role decides to leave or is asked to leave, if your company is growing and a great new position is created, or if a merger or acquisition opens up potential new jobs. Externally, you might hear about a great new job from a friend or a recruiter.
In each case, you never know when the new situation will spring up. However, it happens much more often than you’d think. In addition, if you dislike your job and want to find a new one, it might be advisable to hunker down and stay put while you search. A recent study found that those with jobs have a better chance of being hired than unemployed job seekers.

6. You’ll be one step ahead if the worst happens.
This really needs no explanation. You might be blindsided by a job loss or you might see the writing on the wall and sense that you might face a job loss in the near future. You might be laid off or let go. During the stressful transition period following, wouldn’t it be great to be prepared with a stellar resume so you’re not scrambling?
Be sure to capture your brand, your strengths and your unique competitive advantage on your updated resume. You have nothing to lose — and everything to gain — by being proactive.

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Important Resume Tips!

Make sure your cover letter is strong. Employers are 40% more likely to read a resume with a cover letter.
Brag about yourself. A lot. Seriously, using positive, doer wording in your resume conveys your skills immediately to hiring managers.
Optimize keywords in your resume. Many companies rely on computers for the initial screening of resumes. This computer system is called an “ATS” – Applicant Tracking System.
Does your resume stand out against the other 250 applicants competing for the same job?
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